Beijing Film Tourism City (北京电影旅游城)

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The courtyard is not so large and some famous TV series and movies have been shot there

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Admission: 60 RMB
Opening Hours: 7:00—17:00
Best Time to Visit: April to October
Recommended Time for a Visit: 1 Hour


Beijing Film Tourism City is a tourist attraction incorporating tourism and sightseeing, film and TV-related services, and culture and entertainment. The city, whose name was inscribed personally by President Jiang Zemin in 1993, was awarded by the Bureau of Tourism of Haidian District the title a "Designated Scientific and Technological Tourism Destination in Zhongguancun" and the "Haidian District Scientific Knowledge Popularization Education Base for Youngsters."

Beijing Film Tourism City is composed of three parts: the Rong, Ning Mansions, the Laser Gun Fight City and a street featuring the style of the Ming and Qing Dynasty. It demonstrates the infinite charms of cinematography and film art to you from various perspectives and different angles.

Features: In the magical blue screen room, tourists can sit on a "magic carpet" placed in front of a blue wall and see themselves flying over a cityscape on the television screen. In the second building, part of a traditional Chinese courtyard from the setshooting site of the famous TV series Dream of Red Mansions (Hong Lou Meng), visitors can act out a scene and star in their own movie. The set includes a table and chairs, and around four people can take part in acting out the scene. The guide tells each actor what to say and then it's time for "action!" In the sound effects studio, a clip of a film is shown on a big screen, while a Foley artist next to the stage adds the sound effects to each scene, splashing water here and making tapping sounds there. Although the presentation is quite rudimentary, you might still experience some hair-raising moments in the pitch black auditorium.


Address: No. 77 Middle Road of North Third Ring, Haidian District, Beijing


Take Bus No. 22, 16, 367, 387, 302, 331, 300 to Beitaipingzhuang station and walk towards the west for 300 meters on the north side of the road.