Shichahai Scenic Area (什刹海风景区)

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This scenic area contains the largest and best-preserved age-old block in the city

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Admission: Free
Opening Hours: Peak Season: All Day
Off-season: All Day
Best Time to Visit: April to October
Recommended Time for a Visit: 3 Hours


Shichahai, aka Houhai, closely linked with the water body of Zhongnanhai, is the only scenic area with wide water area open to the public in the inner city of Beijing, and it is also the largest and the best-preserved historic district in this city. Owing to the enchanting scenery, Shichahai is one of the most famous sceneries of Yanjing (the old name of Beijing). It has a long-established reputation for summer holidays and sightseeing.
Shichahai Scenic Area boasts exquisite natural landscapes, unique sceneries and blue ripples. With boats swinging in the lake, groves stand on the lakeside, enhancing the beauty in the scenic area. The natural surroundings are perfectly combined with artificial features, such as the Yandaixie, Drum Tower, Beihai Park, Jingshan Park, Prince Gong Mansion, Nanluoguxiang, and the Soong Ching Ling’s Former Residence, forming a harmonious ensemble of modern and ancient. Rafting in Shichahai will feast you with breathtaking sceneries and the best season for visiting is summer.

Shichaihai is a historic scenic area consisting of three lakes with water rippling, and long and thin willows drooping on the banks. With mountains in dark green in the distance and scenery of enchanting beauty, the place is one of grand sights in Beijing. Shichahai enjoys a large number of typical Hutong and Siheyuan, such as the Big Jinsitao Hutong and the Lesser Jinsitao Hutong, the North Guanfang Hutong and the South GuanfangHuton the Ya’erHutong, Baimixiejie (Rice Diagonal Street) and Yandaixiejie (Pipe Diagonal Street).


Address: Opposite the north gate of Beihai Park, Di’anmen West Street, Xicheng District, Beijing


Take Bus No. 612, 90, 701, 118, 204, 623, 42, 107, 13, 111, 609 and get off at Beihai Beimen (north gate of Beihai Park) or 60, 124 at Gu Lou (Drum Tower). Beihai Beimen Station is close to Lianhua Market where there are many pubs and the rickshaw tour starts. Gu Lou Station is close to Yandai Xiejie.

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