Central Radio and TV tower (中央广播电视塔)

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It feels really cool to view Beijing from the 238-meter-high outdoor observatory tower

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Admission: 90 RMB
Opening Hours: Peak Season: 8:30-22:00
Off-season: 8:30-22:00
Phone: +86 10 68450715
Best Time to Visit: All Year
Recommended Time for a Visit: 2 Hours


Located to the west of West Third Ring Road, it is close to Yuyuantan Park and Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. Construction began in January 1987. In 1994, the project was completed and it was opened to the public on October 1st of the same year.

Central TV Tower comprises Zhanqiao square, the surrounding verandah, the tower foundation, the pedestal, the body, the turret, and the mast. The unique design of the pedestal resembles the double-tiered roofs of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest. The Central TV Tower is a modern and advanced structure with multiple functions like transmission of radio and television programs, tourism, restaurant and recreation. It is an important landmark of modern Beijing.

Central TV Tower contains over 20 floors. The first and the second floors are where visitors enter and exit the tower from the East Hall. It is also where the cafe, VIP hall and the circle corridor for exhibitions are located. In addition, there is the world’s largest round outdoor observation deck, from where one can overlook the grandeur of the entire city and feel the magnificent beauty of the architecture layout of the capital.
Featured Attractions:

Stone carved painting in the east hall: On the first floor, a gigantic stone carving is hanging on the wall of the East Hall, with 20 meters (22 yards) long, 8.7 meters (9.5 yards) wide and an area of 171.4 sq meters (205 sq yards). In the carving, you can see China's most distinctive mountains and rivers.

The Hall: Inside the hall, visitors can visit the revolving restaurant, indoor viewing hall, open-air sightseeing platform, and Liuyun (white cloud) Hall, each on different floors.

The revolving restaurant on the eighteenth floor can admit 250 people and features Chinese and Western-style buffets. It takes 80 minutes to make a full rotation. Visitors can enjoy the cuisine while viewing the city sights.

The indoor viewing hall is on the nineteenth floor.

The highest post office in Beijing is in this hall. You can buy postcards from the office and mail them with the postmark of the in-the-air post office.

The open-air sightseeing platform on the twenty-second floor is 238 meters (781 feet) above the ground, and is believed to be the biggest one of its kind all over the world. Chang'an Avenue, the Summer Palace, and other places can be seen clearly from the platform. Liuyun Hall on the twenty–third floor is the venue of celebrations and recreational activities.

Taipingyang Underwater World Exhibition: This ocean park, constructed at its base, is the home of hundreds of marine creatures. After visiting it, you can also have fun here.


Address: No. 11, Middle Road of West Third Ring Road, Haidian District, Beijing


Take Bus No. 40, 64, 74, 77,323, 368, 374, 394, 437, 617, 624, 631, 631 Kuai, 658, 944, 968, 977, Te 8, Yuntong 102 ,Yuntong 103, Yuntong 108, Yuntong 201 to Hangtianqiaonan station

Take Subway Line 1 to Gongzhufen Station and continue north towards Bayi Lake.

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