Badachu Park (八大处公园)

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In Badachu Park, there is a warm wind in winter and cool weather in summer

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Admission: 10 RMB
Opening Hours: Peak Season: 6:00-19:00
Off-season: 6:00-18:00
Phone: +86 10 88964661
Best Time to Visit: All Year
Recommended Time for a Visit: 1 Day


Badachu stands for “eight temples”. In front of the main hall lies a real treasure, a triangle-shaped white marble with engravings of mountains, human characters, birds and beasts.
Built over 1,300 years ago, Badachu Park is located just outside the western 5th Ring Road and adjoins the Xishan National Forest Park. The park is famous for its eight ancient Buddhist temples and monasteries (Lingguang Temple, Chang’an Temple, Sanshan Nunnery, Dabei Temple, Longquan Nunnery, Xiangjie Temple, Baozhu Cave and Zhengguo Temple). Majority of them have a long historical standing, attract a large number of pilgrims, and are hailed as famous scenic spots for worship and prayer.
Temples are built on small hills, where simple but solemn architectures are embraced by dense trees, forming a tranquil atmosphere. This park is an ideal place for strolling, sightseeing, climbing and worshiping.
The Lingguang Temple consecrates one of the two precious tooth relics of the Shakyamuni Buddha, which blesses all eight temples in Badachu. Masters of the International Buddhist Association will all visit Lingguang Temple during their trip to Beijing. They say the Jade Avalokitesvara Buddha amulets here can bring safety along with good fortune.


Address: South Foothill of Xishan Scenic Spot, Beijing


Take bus No. 347, 389, 489, 598, 972, or 958 to Badachu Park.

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