Baiwang Mountain Forest Park (百望山森林公园)

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Everyone is familiar with the red leaves in Xiangshang Mountain and there is another scenic spot for appreciating red leaves on the other side of Xishan

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Admission: 6 RMB
Opening Hours: 8:00 - 17:30 daily
Phone: +86 10 62884508
Best Time to Visit: May to October
Recommended Time for a Visit: 2 Hours


Baiwang Mountain Forest Park is located three kilometers north of the Summer Palace and Baiwang Mountain Forest Park and is said to be the nearest one to Beijing.

As the nearest forest park to Beijing, Baiwang Mountain Forest Park is located 3km north to the Summer Palace with a total area of more than 200 hectares, and it is curved round by the Jing-Mi diversion canal. Baiwang Mountain is the easternmost peak of Taihang Mountain Range extending to the North China Plain and it is always honored as “the First Peak of Entering into Taihang Mountain”. 
With the main peak’s height of 210 meters, as well as tall and straight features, it is a great place to climb to the top and overlook the visual feast of North China Plain. Furthermore, the forest is dense in the Park with high vegetation coverage of over 95%; it always has a reputation of “the Urban Oxygen Source of Beijing” because the air is rich in negative oxygen ions.

Features: There are many steles with themes of protecting nature and promoting a green environment inside the gate of the park. Some pavilions and corridors have been naturally formed by the stele forest, itself! This forest of steles collects inscriptions, poems, verses, paintings and calligraphy by country leaders, celebrities as well as painters and calligraphy artists as part of a "greenification campaign." A memorial hall in the park tells the story of over 200 revolutionary martyrs and has a collection of precious photos and letters of those forerunners therein. Additionally, there are other places of historical interest, such as the Sh'e Temple, a temple built in dedication to an outstanding heroine from the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). The park also offers tourists various activities to partake in, like rock-climbing, hiking, and a music bar on the top of the mountain. Twelve different rock-climbing routes, ranging from easy to difficult, provide for the enjoyment of those who love the sport.


Address: No. 19 Heishanhukou North, Haidian District, Beijing


Take Bus Te 6 at Beijing West Railway Station directly to Baiwang Mountain; take Te 4 at Qianmen directly to Baiwang Mountain; take Bus No. 716, 718, yuntong 112, 903, 933, 968, 330 to Heishanhukou North or Baiwang Mountain.

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