Qingliang Valley (清凉谷旅游风景区)

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Qingliang Valley is a beautiful place famous for its natural sceneries; its unique landform has formed five waterfalls and thirteen ponds along the valley

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Admission: 36 RMB
Opening Hours: Peak Season: 7:30-18:30
Off-season: 8:00-18:00
Phone: +86 10 69015208
Best Time to Visit: May to October
Recommended Time for a Visit: All Day


Qingliang Valley Scenic Spot is located at the Sihetang region of Miyun county. It is made up of a valley and a water cave. The unique geographical position and environment make the weather very cool and fresh. In Qingliang Valley, the waterfalls have abundant water with high waterfall density. Whether it is the dry season or the wet season, tourists can appreciate the wonderful waterfall. There are more than five waterfalls and 13 water pools within the four kilometer section in the valley.
Some pools are shaped like cups, some are like glasses and some are like spoons. Moreover, the waterfalls are very high. The water cave near the valley gate is over 200 meters deep; the waterfall is about 80 meters high and 10 meters wide. The water pours down just like pearls. When entering the valley, tourists can feel a breeze; the luscious view makes people feel as if they are in wonderland. Qingliang valley is a marvel of North China.


Address: Beishicheng Village, Shicheng Township, Miyun District, Beijing


Take Bus No. 980 at Dongshimen to Miyun Drum Tower Stop, transfer to a minibus that goes to Sihetang and get off at Qinglianggu; alternatively, take a shuttle bus directly to the scenic spot from Dongzhimen between 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. on holidays.

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