Yunmeng Three Valley Natural Scenic Spot (云蒙三峪自然风景区)

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Yunmeng Three Valley Natural Scenic Spot is located in the south foot of Yunmeng Mountain which is a majestic mountain with many peaks and covers a large area

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Admission: 35 RMB
Opening Hours: Peak Season: 8:00-19:00
Off-season: 8:00-19:00
Phone: +86 10 61008258
Best Time to Visit: All year
Recommended Time for a Visit: 1 Hour


Yunmeng Three Valley Natural Scenic area is located at the south foot of Yunmeng Mountain which is a majestic mountain with many peaks and covers a large area. The scenic area spans from White River Valley to Shanqian Plain, which is 70 km away from Beijing and 15 km from Miyun District. The three valleys are Baidao Valley, Niupeng Valley and Xiaoshui Valley from east to west.

The mountain paths are winding and peaks rolling. Two sides are the cliffs that resemble rock faces which have been slashed by an axe and two waterfalls that look like curtains falling down. The brooks here flow fast in the low valleys and then form ponds which are limpid and full of fish. Peaks tower into the sky and are surrounded by fogs like those of a wonderland. The stones are in all kinds of shapes, which look like tigers, lions, phoenixes, turtles, fishes, Buddha, towers, ladders, even tables and chairs.

Entering the scenic area, all that meets the eye are beautiful hills and limpid rivers. There is a "Xianlong Village" in the center of the mountains. It is built along the mountains and surrounded by brooks. The village is within the shade of the trees which is a delicate bamboo building in front of the dining room. The paths are paved with cobble stones. There is a pond, full of fish which has willows standing nearby. A fountain is set in the pond and its water pillar can reach 10 meters high. A picture of dragons playing in the water is on the ceiling. It is an uncommon tourist resort more than a wonderland.
The White Dragon Pool and the Black Dragon Pool are adjoined. A boat in Longmenguan is said to have been left by God. In God Cave, you will feel cooler in summer and warmer in winter. There is a spring of longevity, which flows all year round.


Address:Niupenyu Village, Xitiangezhuang Town, Miyun District, Beijing


Take Bus No. 960 from Dongzhimen to Miyun theatre and then take Bus No. 3 to Three Valley.

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