Beijing First Waterfall (北京京都第一瀑)

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The First Waterfall in Beijing is the last sight of the Liu River before it merges into the Bai River

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Admission: 40 RMB
Opening Hours: Peak Season: All Day
Off-season: All Day
Phone: +86 10 69016268
Best Time to Visit: All year
Recommended Time for a Visit: 2 Hours


Jingdu No.1 Waterfall is located 3 kilometers from Heilongtan, Miyun Town. It is the only one waterfall group formed by underground water (springs) in China. As a result, the water is very clear and clean. The waterfall is the closest one to the city and also a good place for mountain climbers and hikers because of the many mountains around it. A group of wonderful waterfalls splash down the high mountains in Miyu village. It is a lush and ideal place for the good of your eyesight and breath.
There is another advantage for visiting Jingdu No.1 Waterfall, people do not have to worry about the weather, and it takes on different appearances on different weather. You could see green peaks’ reflection in sunny days, clouds spread all over the mountain in cloudy days, and huge waterfalls with misty rain when it pours. Even in cloudy or rainy days, mist and waves stretch far into the distance, the mountains looms with floating clouds running among them, the rain veils the whole scene which is just like a splashing painting.


Address: Xinchengzi Village, Northeast of Miyun District, Beijing


Take Train No. 559 at Beijing North Railway Station to Shitanglu Station and then take a bus to the destination.

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