Beijing Wtown (古北水镇)

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Beijing Wtown is a rare natural ancient town - a patchwork of mountains and waters.

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Admission: 150 yuan
Opening Hours: 9:00-21:00
Phone: 010-81009999
Best Time to Visit: pretty in four seasons
Recommended Time for a Visit: 2-3 days


Nestled in Gubeikou Town of Miyun District, Beijing Wtown leans against the most magnificent and precipitous Simatai Great Wall and is home to Yuanyanghu Lake Reservoir. It is a rare natural ancient town - a patchwork of mountains and waters. Rebuilt based on the combination of five natural villages, this scenic spot boasts traditional quadrangle courtyards with an area of 430,000m2. These buildings are built on mountain slopes and feature boutique style that was in vogue in the Republic of China period. Covering a total area of 9km2, this town houses ROC-style Block, Old Camp Site, Water Street Region, Wolongbao Folk Culture Region, Old Village at Tang River, Folk Customs Catering Area and other scenic areas. It is a typical holiday resort in north China.
The time-honored water town is quaint and elegant, and abounds in picturesque landscapes. Row upon row of houses, old quartzite streets and long hutongsmirror scenes of the old town in north China in the early 20th century. River channels are scattered between streets. Tributaries of ancient Tang River run through rows of old residential buildings and other old architectures, as if a land of idyllic beauty especially being adorned by refreshing air, blue sky, white cloud, clean water and towering abeles. When the night falls, the well-designed ancient town presents tourists an extraordinary and fantastic night view, giving off a whiff of warmth. This town, featuring witty design and grand style, is second to none in China and a must-see attraction for tourists.
Beijing Wtown is an ideal scenic spot at all seasons. You are highly recommended to see the sunrise at Simatai Great Wall. As the first ray of sunlight emerges on the land, the great wall, as if a golden dragon, circles around the top of winding mountains and brings a splendid feast for your eyes. In addition, this scenic spot provides a great panoramic view of Beijing Wtown. There, it is tranquil, lively and animated.
You can enjoy rich folk custom experiences at Beijing Wtown, like joiningparade together with stilts walking, Yangge dance, dragon dance, lion dance, folk acrobatics, taking a walk with pet bird and other traditional culture activities in the capital. There, you can also have the chance to catch a glimpse of craftsmen to show their unique craft “tò he” which is almost lost to the world. Besides, if you have deep love for opera, story-telling house are a good place to appreciate cross talk, drum song and Qinshu (a sort of folk opera prevailing in north China).
To have a stroll along the bridge with a lamp forms a marvelous picture, and to walk up the great wall with a lamp embodies a kind of feeling. Simatai Great Wall gives a panoramic view of brightly-lit town. The myriad lights adorn the majestic great wall circling around the top of mountains and under the clouds as a golden dragon.


Address:Beijing Wtown, Simatai Village, Gubeikou Town, Miyun District 密云区古北口镇司马台村古北水镇


Self-guided Route: drive along Beijing-Chengde Expressway, and leave at No. 24 Simatai Exit, and then drive along the right ramp for about 2 minutes.

Bus: take Bus 980 at Dongzhimen Bus Terminal Station and get off at Miyun West Bridge Station, and transfer to Bus Mi 51 to Beijing Wtown.
Non-stop Bus: take bus at the station of Bus 942 or Bus 855 on the north side of Dongzhimen Bus Terminal Station, and arrive at the destination after 120 minutes or so. (ticket: 48 yuan / person / one-way; purchase ticket after getting on the bus).

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