Sanlitun Bar Street (三里屯酒吧街)

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Sanlitun bar street maybe has Chinese largest and most famous bar streets apart from massive international stores

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Admission: Free
Opening Hours: All Day
Phone: +86 10 64155812
Best Time to Visit: All Year
Recommended Time for a Visit: 1 Hour


Sanlitun bar street maybe has Chinese largest and most famous bar streets apart from massive international stores, and also is the hot destination for young, fashionable and foreign people to enjoy themselves. Sanlitun located in east side of Chaoyang District of Beijing was named after its three-mile distance from downtown of Beijing.
In Ming and Qing Dynasties, it was under the administration of Daxing County of Beijing. In 1962, it was the major place for residing many ambassadors, and many foreign embassies were located here; at the time, it was named North Embassy District. Subsequently, Sanlitun gradually became the dense living area of foreign ambassadors as well as their families in China. It is also an important shopping area and place for dealing with foreign affairs.
Sanlitun Bar Street, called Sanlitun for short, is reputed for numerous bars with varied characteristics. The first bar on the street was opened in 1983. Located in the Beijing Legation Quarter, it attracts a crowd of foreigners to enjoy relaxation.
Reason for recommendation: within arm’s reach to Beijing’s second legation quarter and the cluster of foreign-funded enterprises in Dongcheng District, Sanlitun is frequently visited by foreigners and white collars, and also sees an increasing number of media workers, entertainers and trendsetters to come. With its ever-accelerated development, it harbors a great deal of high-end restaurants and shopping malls springing up like mushroom. In comparison to a little bit cheerless atmosphere in the daytime, its hustle and bustle scene after nine o’clock at night may take your breath away.
Everyday especially at night, visitors from different countrywill visit here in droves by car or taxi. What’s more, Chinese people also would like to invite clients or friends here for business exchange or gathering.


Address:No. 6, North St. Artificial Stadium, Chaoyang District, Beijing 北京市朝阳区工体北路甲6号


Bus Route:
1. Debus at Sanlitun Station by No. 115, No. 406, No. 416, No. 432, No. 701, No. 758
2. Debus at West Changhongqiao Station by No.113, No.117, No.406, No.416, No. 431,No. 701, No.758.
3. Debus at Artificial Stadium Station by No. 110, No. 118, No, 120, No. 208, No, 403, No. 406, No, 416.
Metro Route:
Debus at Tuanjiehulu Station (South-West Exit D) by Line 10 (Outer Ring)