Centro Lounge & Bar



Busy every day of the week, this spacious lounge bar serves incredible cocktails and the house jazz band gives the place some character and helps dispel some of the hotel ambience. Since the hotel's makeover from Kerry Centre to Kerry Hotel, it's also been a focus for fun and quirky nightlife entertainment. The Kerry Hotel’s bar is well-designed and branded right down to the carpets, but far from being oppressive and overdone, Centro is a surprisingly comfortable spot to down a drink and do your best Cary Grant impression. Dress to impress, because this upscale lounge is not a jeans and T-shirt joint. You'll feel like a celebrity as you sip Champagne or sample their classic and creative cocktails surrounded by the sophisticated yet inviting décor and the occasional live jazz act. You’ll need a hefty wallet to do justice to this high-end bar and lounge at the Kerry Hotel. Although, to be fair, the prices might be high but so is the quality, and though the crowd it attracts is rather inevitably a mix of well-off locals and visiting tourists with plenty of cash to spend, it’s a surprisingly relaxing place to unwind with a glass of something delicious in hand. The drinks are excellent, with a huge drinks menu that is regularly altered and updated, to keep things fresh and interesting. The bar staff really knows their stuff - try the tequila-based Cha Chao and we’re sure you’ll agree. The décor is sleek, all mirror-smooth surfaces and stylish design touches (even the carpet is branded), the lighting is flatteringly low and the atmosphere exudes hotel bar sophistication without the clinical, soulless nature that hotel bars can sometimes have. There’s live jazz every night to keep the vibe suitably mellow and if you’re lucky you might even spot a celebrity, as the place has been known to attract local figures as well as famous out of towners (apparently Manchester United stay in the hotel when visiting – whether you think that’s a good or a bad thing will likely depend on your football allegiance).