(Closed) The Garden Bar and Terrace



If you’re a Haidian resident after a sophisticated outdoor option, consider a trip to the Shangri-La. If you don’t live in the city’s northwest, the hotel’s Garden Bar and Terrace also makes the perfect spot for a nightcap following a trip to the Summer Palace. Koi ponds, a stream shaded by fruit trees, a marble bridge, pavilions, lanterns and a long covered walkway might sound a bit Disneyland on paper but it is done with the utmost elegance here. With such a setting, you might expect prices to match (especially after spotting the Veuve Clicquot magnums behind the bar). Actually, the prices are surprisingly reasonable for a hotel, with bottles starting from 170 RMB and glasses from 34 RMB. The wine list is not particularly long, but there’s room for experimentation, with thorough tasting notes and all wines available by the glass. The Gaja Ca Marcanda Promis (95 RMB by the glass; 475 RMB by the bottle) is a magical full-bodied Tuscan red. The service is good, if a little slow, but you’ll want to take your time in these surroundings.