Bali Courtyard



The Bali Courtyard bar looks and feels a world away from the usual Sanlitun chaos, and only some cramped spaces belie the fact that this is a conversion and not a bespoke bar area. The drinks are affordable, too: well-mixed cocktails from 40 RMB, beers from 30 RMB (Tsingtao) and wine at 50 RMB a glass. Being located well above the bustling streets of Sanlitun, even the ubiquitous skyscrapers seem less oppressive than on more centrally located rooftop bars, such as Bar Blu. Indeed, setting is important to Bali Courtyard’s chilled-out vibe, although it is pulling in decent-sized audiences even at this stage. Still, the attentive and communicative bar staff cope well with the crowds, and it is nowhere near as uncomfortably packed as, say, Migas. Our only qualm is that the overall ambience of the place will be undercut by some events. However, if they can find the right balance of atmosphere and fun, Bali Courtyard will be an ideal hideaway for the discerning Sanlitun drinker.