Flensburger Brauhaus



The manager of Italian restaurant Cornerstone was told to redevelop it into this German eatery on very short notice. That might explain why ingredients such as mozzarella are shoehorned into dishes associated with Germany’s coastal beers. With all drinks coming from the Flensburg brewery, this is a heavily branded experience. Flensburger’s bottles (38-58 RMB) all come with the flip-top caps popular in the Fatherland; cue bruised knuckles as we try to open them with the sleight-of-hand used by Germany’s cool kids – although Flensburger caters more to privileged families in the CBD. The ostentatious lighting, exposed brickwork and industrial pillars of the open-plan bar are really more ‘Bauhaus arts factory’ than 'Brauhaus watering hole'.