Bubble Bar



Bubble has managed to keep its tranquil atmosphere in the noisy neighborhood of Sanlitun. Several steps of distance keep it away from the bustling entertainment street, so you may miss it while passing by. The decoration is like the most of delicate Japanese bar, and the jazz can always make people feel relaxed. As the so-called bar with the “complete whiskey types in China” and the “favorable position with the shortest distance to the whiskey of limited supply”, the owner Kiefer has a great reputation in the field, and many Beijingers will come here for the owner’s influence. Beijing Smog, also called “Vintage ‘Wine’ of Cloud” is the featured product. With the smoke flowing in the nose and the sweet taste in mouth, it is a bit bitter but not astringent. “A Cup of Smoke” is served with thin ham slices whose slight salty flavor matches well with whiskey.