Dough Figurine



Dough Figurine is a famous Beijing handicraft. Dough modeling originated from the old custom of molding and steaming dough food as sacrificial offerings or birthday presents. Nearly every family in the city molded dough pieces during the Spring Festival. They looked nice and tasted good, representing a splendid harvest and wishes for good luck. They were also toys for children. Today, dough-modeling handicraftsmen have improved their techniques and turned the products into visual artworks.



Figurine is a simple folk handicraft demonstrating high artistic quality. It has a history over 1,340 years. The vivid figurine is made by skilled craftsmen from sticky rice dough mixed with pigments, honey and olefin. After cutting, slashing, pinching and twisting the dough, a lifelike child, beautiful girl or other creations will come out in the twinkling of an eye. You can witness the craftsmen making dough figurines along the exhibition streets in Beijing and you will be astonished by their excellent skills.