Peking Opera Costume



The embroidery and needlework of Peking Opera costume are skills that need to learn from childhood, because there are a lot of time-consuming skills and stitching methods to be acquired. Their skills for variously embroideries require at least ten years to being mastered even for talented learners. It takes at least three years to cultivate a junior embroider who still need to learn and practice for practical application. At present, there are only several masters above 70 years old who acquired the complete techniques including Kuitou (headpieces for traditional opera performances) and Bazi (weapons and props used in traditional opera performances).



Beijing Play Equipment Factory is the only state-own stage costume factory in Beijing with its cooperative joined by 18 stage costume stores including Sanshun Brand and Shaungxing Brand in 1956. It once enjoyed its heydays by offering costumes to many Peking Opera masters like Mei Lanfang and Ma Lianliang, later mending the imperial robes for the Imperial Palace of emperors in the Ming and Qing Dynasties hundreds of years ago, and manufacturing a great number of stage costumes for films, operas and modern dramas.