Nei Lian Sheng Shoes



Neiliansheng is an enterprise and famous for production and manufacture of cotton cloth shoes with its flagship store located at the bustling area of No. 34, Dashilan Shopping Street, Qianmen. It is the biggest hand-made shoes (joint-equity) company in China integrating retail and wholesale. First established in 1853, Neiliansheng renovated its original flagship store building in 1988. This building is in an architectural style of the Qing Dynasty hundreds of years ago, with yellow tiles, red columns, colored drawing or patterns on facade in splendid magnificence and antique beauty, interior decoration revealing national features, palace-lantern-embellished hall and shelves in authentic antique style, covering a usable area of 1700 square meters.



Neiliansheng was established by high-ranking official Zhao Ting, and by General Ding in 1853 (Qing Dynasty). The two partners raised ten thousand taels of silver, and opened the shoe shop. The name Neiliansheng implies that the wearer of the shoes could get promoted straight through three levels of the Qing imperial court.