Nei Lian Sheng Shoes



Made with all-natural products, Neiliansheng shoes offer comfort, lightness and high-quality. Long ago, officials would appear in droves, specially requesting court boots at this store. Each time an order of court boots was made, Neiliansheng asked clients to have their feet measured so as to custom fit each pair. On the first floor of the store are handmade shoes made of special materials, children's shoes, slippers, and leather shoes too. The second floor sells fashionable shoes with special designs and the third floor sells brand named leather shoes as well as top hats. Given the history of this city store, it is well worth stopping by for a look and trying a few items on.



Neiliansheng was established by high-ranking official Zhao Ting, and by General Ding in 1853 (Qing Dynasty). The two partners raised ten thousand taels of silver, and opened the shoe shop. The name Neiliansheng implies that the wearer of the shoes could get promoted straight through three levels of the Qing imperial court.