Lord Rabbit



As a traditional artwork of Beijing, Lord Rabbit (also known as “Tu’er Ye” in China) figurine is considered an amazing symbol of Beijing local souvenirs. Made from clay, it was once used for worship and later becoming a children’s toy. According to the most popular legend, Lord Rabbit is a moon rabbit living on the Moon.
Lord Rabbit is not only a kind of local traditional handicraft in Beijing, and also a favorable toy for children on Mid-Autumn Festival. Based on the folklore of Chang’e, the Chinese goddess of the moon and the moon rabbit, a maker of elixirs, artists can create variety of clay rabbit figurines featuring artistry, personalization and even deification.



Derived from the worship of the moon in ancient time, moon rabbit was gradually separated from the moon, and became individual sacrifice in rich images during moon sacrifice, since the Ming and Qing dynasties. With the evolution of time, Lord Rabbit is, nowadays, widely used for worship and amusement, and notably becomes the most representative intangible cultural heritage in Beijing.