Le Ren Tang



Beijing Lerentang TCM Store, formerly named Leshoutang TCM Store, was founded in 1923 by Le Youshen, the great grandson of Le Yinchuan who is the 10th generation inheritor of Tongrentang, China’s most famous TCM store. Inside the store, the facilities and ancient architectural style are all similar to Tongrentang. Above the door is a board saying Le’s TCM Store which was copied from Tongrentang. A woodcarving with black Chinese characters on a white background is hanging on each side of the door respectively, the one on the north side writes the store purchases various authentic herbs (raw or processed) and the south one writes the store supplies various Chinese patent medicines, such as pill, pulvis, emplastrum and unguentum, pellet, decoction and prepared herbal medicine in small pieces. Under the eaves are two wooden store signs symbolizing TCM store.



The name of Le Shou Tang, expressing goodness and warmness, came from the Summer Palace which was the location of one of Tongrentang’s branches in Beijing.
Employees of Lerentang Drugstore were required to be familiar with drugs and traditional medicine. Some old employees were "half doctors" and "drug drawers". Mr. Le preferred employing people that were close relatives, for instance, grandfather and grandson, father and son, uncle and nephew, and brothers. This was so that employees could manage themselves. A whole chain of people would be implicated if there were any mistakes made. Therefore, all of the employees followed regulations and rules closely.