Le Ren Tang



Lerentang mainly sells bolus, powder, ointment, decoction of herbal medicine and drinkable mixtures. The architectural style of the store and its facilities are based on the Tongrentang model. The name Le Jia Old Drugstore is on the door stele and it is clearly stated that it was a branch of Tongrentang.
Lerentang adopted the "store in front and workshop to the rear" model; all medicines for sale were produced on site. strictly adhering to the motto imparted by ancestors of the family stating that no corners should be cut or materials compromised. Lerentang has maintained its reputation via the credendum: real materials, polished process, unique recipes that are equal and fair.



The name of Le Shou Tang, expressing goodness and warmness, came from the Summer Palace which was the location of one of Tongrentang’s branches in Beijing.
Employees of Lerentang Drugstore were required to be familiar with drugs and traditional medicine. Some old employees were "half doctors" and "drug drawers". Mr. Le preferred employing people that were close relatives, for instance, grandfather and grandson, father and son, uncle and nephew, and brothers. This was so that employees could manage themselves. A whole chain of people would be implicated if there were any mistakes made. Therefore, all of the employees followed regulations and rules closely.

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