Tong Ren Tang



The medical culture of Tongrentang is best reflected by the values of "advocating morality and saving lives". Tongrentang's traditional medicine processing techniques and distinctive medicine preparation methods that combine traditional Chinese medicine imperial court pharmacy can be summed up by, "unique prescriptions, choice materials, exquisite techniques and significant curative effects".



In 1723, Tongrentang was appointed the sole supplier of herbal medicines to the royal court of the Qing Dynasty and remained in that position until 1911. During the 188-year-long period, Tongrentang followed the imperial standard for medicine selection and adhered strictly to the secret recipes and medicine production methods of the imperial court. As a result stringent quality control system was formed. The organic integration between Tongrentang, the imperial hospital and the dispensary contributed to the development of the special style and traditional knowledge employed by Tongrentang.