Qi Pao



The name "cheongsam," stands for "long dress," comes from the dialect of China's Guangdong Province (Cantonese). In other parts of the country including Beijing, however, it is known as "Qipao".
Easy and comfortable to wear, cheongsam fit the Chinese female figure well. Its high neck, closed collar, and its sleeves may be short, medium or full length, depending mainly on the season and wearer's taste. The dress is buttoned on the right or left side, with a loose chest, a fitted waist, and slits up either side, all of which combine to set off the beauty of the female form.



Cheongsam (Qipao) is a female dress with distinctive Chinese features and enjoys a growing popularity in the international world of fashion. This body-hugging dress for women in China originating from the Manchu in the early 17th century was modernized and improved upon in Shanghai around 1900.