Beijing kite is a traditional handicraft of the Han Chinese. People usually fly a variety of kites during traditional festivals, among which the most representative kite is the swallow kite. Beijing kite has been developing in recent years. A lot of masters and novices have their own strengths. Some are good at making giant kites, like a large dragon of 90 meters long and 120 sections; some are good at making tiny ones, such as palm swallow, which is only several centimeters long. You may buy a kite for a child, as kids love flying kites in spring.




With a history of over 100 years, the Beijing Three Stones Kite Store (三石斋) boasts its design concept of “excellent materials, advanced techniques and beautiful covers” and the integration of court kites and Cao’s Kites, becoming one of the important genres of kites in Beijing. As one of the few exclusive kite stores in Beijing, Beijing Three Stones Kite Store provides customized kites with complete varieties. Customers can not only find their favorite kites here, but also make kites by themselves if they are eager for the challenge.
Liu Bin, storekeeper of Beijing Three Stones Kite Store, is the third-generation successor of Liu’s Kites. The three generations of Liu Bin’s family have witnessed the changes of kites from the toys for the nobility to the formation of kite culture. The “Liu’s Kites” differ themselves from other kites by excellent handicraft and unique style of court kites.