Colibri Café Comptoirs De France Bakery Backyard Café Hollys Coffee Rock Star Blue Bud Café Le Petit Gourmand L'infusion Ricci Cafe Storygarden Café Friends Cafe No. 1 Jazz Café 69 Cafe Crepanini Cafe Sandglass Cafe Cafe Alba Tibet Cafe Bookworm Cafe Herbal Cafe Irresistible Cafe (Closed) Heavenly Cafe The Peanut Cafe The Bean Tree Cafe
  • Cafe Confucius

    If a coffee shop with huge door-windows opening out onto quaint Guozijian Jie doesn't inspire the budding laptop novelist, nothing will. Featuring good coffee and a collection of white cats.Go see.

  • Cafe Cha

    The sumptuous buffet at this Shangri-la Hotel restaurant features an international and ever-changing selection, including sushi and sashimi station, pastas, pizzas, Thai laksas and Tandoori specialities.Go see.