No. 1 Jazz Café



Located near Ciqikou, No.1 Jazz Café is one of those bar that offers both coffee and dringks in Beijing. It is established by a self-proclaimed jazz aficionado in 2012, which is to provide a space for his fellow music lovers.
The hip café/bar consists of two floors. While the first floor acts a foyer and offers a bit more privacy and quiet, the second floor is more spacious and accommodates larger groups. The large plush couches and tasteful décor make the second floor an excellent place for happy hour cocktails or an afternoon coffee date. The second floor also offers private rooms that are tucked away behind curtains opposite of the bar.

In terms of it being a jazz bar, the café definitely lives up to its namesake. Platinum and gold records line almost every wall. On the first floor, the owner and his friends play impromptu shows for fun. In the background, jazz standards plays at just the right volume for a café setting. And as if that isn't enough, make sure you don't miss the café's pride and joy: a signed hat of the late Michael Jackson. Music is definitely the theme of this restaurant.