In search of a cup of good coffee, L’infusion, one of Wudaoying Hutong’s newest cafés, is a nice choice. The cozy interior, featuring well-stocked bookshelves, soft armchairs and a number of teddy bears, creates a very homey vibe, accentuated by the two friendly cats that meander among the tables.
Ming, the owner, left the busy world of accounting for the opportunity to relax at her own café. She bakes all the food herself, and her cheesecake (¥25) is especially popular. The cappuccino (large ¥28; medium ¥25), accompanied by a tasty piece of chocolate and a marshmallow, and a vanilla latté (¥30) are perfectly brewed and topped with cinnamon. Crispy waffles (¥25), served with chocolate sauce and whipped cream, butter and apple slices on the side, made a delicious snack.

L’infusion’s decent selection of teas, juices and snacks are the perfect accompaniment to a peaceful afternoon spent flipping through the café’s sizeable collection of English- and Chinese-language magazines, talking with good friends or surfing the web with free Wi-Fi.