Le Petit Gourmand



Apart from the Bookworm Café, there is another great hangout for Beijing bibliophiles and coffee lovers and that is Le Petit Gourmand, which tends to be quieter than The Bookworm, except at lunchtimes. With an excellent and extensive French and North African menu, tall mugs of frothy cappuccino, and even a fireplace, Le Petit Gourmand is a great place to put your feet up and relax with a paperback or two. As in The Bookworm the waiting staff speak some English, and the menu and wine list is in Chinese and English.

Le Petit Gourmand has free WiFi internet, and also stocks the latest Beijing magazines. The enclosed balcony makes a great place for a few cocktails or frosty Qingdao beers. The lending library apparently has over 9,000 titles, and books can be borrowed with an inexpensive subscription.
Recommended dishes: Cream Caramel, Cheese Cake, Salmon, Beef Steak, Caesar Salad, Kuhs, Latte, Cappuccino