Blue Bud Café



Deep in Guowang Hutong, there is a blue house with European windows, small flowers and candles, which is just like the morning of Aegean Sea and refreshing. That is Blue Bud Café, covering about 30 to 40 square meters. Seeing the beautiful house, you are sure to be surprised by the creativity of the owner. The female owner of the café said that she has a strong passion in the blue and white tone of the “City of Sky” Greece. And that is why the café is designed blue and white.

Tables and seats are laid appropriately, neither too close nor too far away. There is a Teddy named Duoduo and it will get close to you and play with you whether you are a regular customer or not. The name of the café may probably be from it. There is also a cat named Yaya, who is a little bit lazy. It will never react against the actions you make in it. That is a café without any sorrows. Come and enjoy a cup of coffee here, you won’t feel disappointed. Recommended dishes: milky tea, herb tea