Hollys Coffee



Located in SOHO Shangdu, Hollys Coffee is the latest addition to an area that already has Starbucks, Costa, Pacific and Esquires all within spitting distance of each other. In the competitive area, Hollys Coffee doesn’t follow others to serve up only coffee fares, and it has a much sweeter idea in mind. A half dozen Frappachino-styled beverages and caramel/whip cream concoctions are also included on the menu.

Holly's also does sandwiches and Belgian waffles. Feel like getting one's hands dirty? Purchase one of the coffee shop's signature snowballs. The snowballs are giant cookie balls glazed in either chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. Take one of the wooden mallets and "Hulk smash" those balls into a thousand bite-sized pieces of enjoyment. Amidst a cluttered mix of coffee shops, Hollys manages to distinguish itself.