Backyard Café



Facing out onto the Liangma River, this cute café is airy, clean and comfortable. The owner of the café is a nutritionist, so he focuses much on healthy and wholesome food. The menu is a little limited, where there are only some sandwiches on offer.

The chicken salad sandwich (¥29) is delicious, served on fresh, in-house baked bread, with grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, mustard and the very tasty addition of pickles. The apple tuna sandwich (¥29) isn’t anywhere near so successful, but an improved recipe is in the works. The apple muffin (¥6) is pleasantly un-sugary and moist. It’s early doors for this place, but the café is off to a promising start. As for coffee here, latte and mocha are both available.