Comptoirs De France Bakery



Comptoirs De France Bakery is an original French café. Covering a small area and concealed from those that pass by on the street, the café offers outside seating for customers wishing to smoke. It is a nice place for people to chat with friends. The café focuses much on its coffee and desserts rather than décor, so it décor is relatively simple. Managers and chefs are all from France, which means that they serve up the most authentic French delicacies.

There are 6 kinds of coffee here, including American-style coffee, cappuccino, mocha, latte, espresso and despresso, which are quite popular among customers. All coffee is made on the spot. According to the manager of the café, 1855 in its name does not mean that its first café was opened in 1855, but the big house of the owner of Comptoirs De France Bakery was built in 1855. Most of customers are foreigners and they will often take home a French stick with them after enjoying a cup of coffee. Breakfast and brunch are also available at the restaurant. But people are not hit by the strong aroma of food when they enter the café.