Barista Specialty



Barista Specialty is a shop with small area but exquisite decoration, filled with various decorations and the milk of human kindness. There is only a row of seats. If you step into the shop and find no empty seats, you have to take your coffee out.
Although the small space within it is not fit for chatting or talking about business, it must be a good choice for people really fond of coffee. People rave about its coffee, “Dirty”, a mix of 90% ice milk and 10% espresso. Drink hard and taste the special mellowness created by the encounter of milk and espresso. Latte and Flat White are also recommended, and do not miss them if you like. Single-origin drip coffee is a featured one in the shop. Try Geisha with rich taste and long-lasting sweetness if you enjoy the fragrance of flowers and fruits.  
The professional barista is very talkative, with whom you can have a chat, reminding you of the traditional life style in hutong. On workdays, the shop provides discounted morning coffee at 8:00-10:00. Enjoy a cup of quality coffee from Barista on your way to work, which may be a must for your every day.