Voyage Coffee



Voyage, the coffee base at 798 Art Zone, makes coffee and deliver to shops of Beijing Fun and North Luogu Lane. It is separated into two spaces by a beautiful floor-to-ceiling window. It is covered by cement wall inside. Together with wood table, chairs and potted plants, it makes a cozy room. Outside, it is a small yard. When it is warm, people love to lie down on rocking chairs to have a sunbath. Coffee courses are often offered here, and people who love coffee culture gather here.

Established in 2013, Voyage has been very strict about quality control. It is also known for drip coffee, mainly featured by the two types—the red one and the black one. Red Cherry, from Ethiopia, is roasted lightly, and keeps sweet and pure taste. The subtle fragrance of flowers and fruits balance the sour and sweetness, thus creating a pure and fresh flavor. Black Forest, a type of classic Italian-type coffee bean, is roasted fully, and keeps full-bodied bean’s fragrance, with a strong flavor of dark chocolates.