Living Room Coffee



The Living Room Coffee was slightly changed on the basis of a 70-year-old house in the hutong of Qianmen, which is operated by a young couple. The sunlight through glass mottle the black bricks and grey walls, and the waving green plants and elegant dry flowers make customers so comfortable. 
If you want to kill time here, there are many interesting paintings and independent magazines for appreciation. It is a good place for staring blankly, even if you do nothing or just watch two cats rolling on the ground silently.

The recommended white coffee which provides customers adjusted volume of milk in accordance with their favors; and the unique ice espresso is also one of the specialties, the flavor will be left in one's mouth and on one's lips for a long time; moreover, the seasonal product, hand drip, is very worthy to try. It adopts the best coffee bean in season, and roasts by Giesen 6kg roasting machine, imported from the Netherlands, by themselves. It is just fine to have a cup of coffee and a piece of sweet Brownie.