Herbal Cafe



This café serves up medicinal teas (a lot tastier than it sounds) and light, MSG-free Cantonese dishes. The surprisingly spacious interior\'s low-key feel is the perfect complement to the clean, crisp flavors on display in the cuisine.Who says good Chinese food has to be drowning in oil? Herbal Café is a wise choice for days when you want a detox from the usual MSG-tastic fare. We’re serious about that one. Their surprisingly commodious interior’s understated décor was as refreshing as the food. The chef’s recommended steamed chicken with French ginseng (at the low price of ¥26) was incredibly tender and flavorful. For a little spice, try the stir-fried walnut shrimp in sweet & sour sauce (for just ¥48). The signature herbal drinks certainly felt healthy, but the bitter taste may put off unacclimated palates.