Bookworm Cafe



Providing a service that lies somewhere between lending library, coffee shop, and restaurant and bar, its originality and useful service for the Beijing English language book reading community is invaluable. With high-ceilinged rooms and a simple open plan layout, just sitting and soaking up the atmosphere in the café is a pleasure. The walls of the rooms are lined with ceiling to floor bookshelves; all volumes can be taken out and returned using a library system afforded to members.

Given that many books are difficult to get hold of in China the Bookworm is a godsend to the veracious reader. The drink and food menus are comprehensive and fairly sophisticated, suiting the tastes of upwardly mobile clientele. The Bookworm is one of the favorite venues of visiting authors to hold readings; these are often packed out affairs, with a wide cross section of local and expat visitors – check their website for upcoming events. The Bookworm isn’t just a coffee shop/bar/restaurant – it’s a Beijing institution. At the end of 2010, the world famous travel book series Lonely Planet selected “Top Ten Bookstores of the World” in the latest book, Lonely Planet’s Best In Travel 2011, which includes the Bookworm headquartered in Beijing, the only bookstore of Asia in the list.