Tibet Cafe



There are quite a number of Tibetian ornamental displays at the entrance of this cafe which attracted me to enter this place (because I have long wanted to visit Tibet but have not had the opportunity). The boss (there is no waiter in his cafe, only the boss and his brother minding the place) is from Tibet and speaks fluently in Mandarin and English. Perhaps this is Tibetan culture, they looked a little stern. However I liked the open roof top seating area on the second floor. They serve authentic Tibetan tea at RMB25~250ml (tastes like cereal milk tea) and Tibetian beer (5% alcohol, tastes a little sour and resembles Russia\'s non-alcoholic wheat drinks) at RMB15~150ml. They also serve "illy" coffee, Qingdao Beer~costs RMB15. Lights snacks are also available.