Floral Village (花乡奥莱村)

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  • Floral Village is located in east Huaxiang Bridge, Nansihuan Road West of Fengtai District in Beijing. The total building area is 151,000 square meters, and the commercial area is 108,000 square meters with more than 3,000 parking spaces. It is a shopping park with Outlets as the theme. Different from the locations of other outlets shopping malls that are far from city centers, the Floral Village is closely nearby the main road of South 4th Ring Road, which is convenient for customers to travel there.


  • The whole architecture of Floral Village is in European style. From the perspective of customers, it is divided into 17 commercial buildings and 4 theme squares and designers are careful in every detail. There are varieties of green plants and fountains everywhere with elegant music, enabling people to have feelings of being in nature. The shopping center is presenting the leisure lifestyle of modern urban people with real comfort.


  • 10:00-22:00


  • Parking lots: available


Floral Village (花乡奥莱村) Address:No. 76 South 4th Ring W Road, Fengtai District, Beijing 北京市丰台区南四环西路76号


Take bus No. 90, 353, 602, 736, 740, Te 9 or Yuntong 115 and get off at Huaxiangqiaodong stop.