Beijing Ron Yard Hotel

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  • Beijing Ron Yard Hotel is a “Siheyuan-style” theme hotel with atrium and pavilions in the courtyard. The hotel's main building features 2 stories and 30 traditional Chinese style deluxe rooms, which is the perfect combination of tradition and modern culture. The traditional style is also preserved in the decoration of the rooms. Classical retro furniture from the Ming and Qing dynasties is used.


  • What's more interesting is that each room has a different alley, and the old Beijing original Hutong style photos are hung in the room. The hotel is located in Beijing's famous Huguosi Snack Street, and you can see the main hall in Huguo Temple . You can walk to Xidan, Xinjiekou Commercial Street, Huguosi Snack Street, Shichahai Bar Street, and the People’s Theater, Prince Kung’s Mansion, Mei Lanfang’s former residence and other scenic spots. It is an ideal option for experiencing Beijing culture, amazing sunset scenery and shopping.


Wi-Fi: Yes
Parking: No

Nearby Restaurants

Tanglang 唐廊
No.85 Huguo Temple Street, Xicheng District 西城区护国寺街85号

Nearby Entertainment

Huguo Temple Diamond Hall 护国寺金刚殿
11 Huguo Temple Street, Xicheng District


Beijing Ron Yard Hotel Address:No. 63, Huguosi Courtyard, Xicheng District, Beijing


Take Bus No. 22, 38, 88, 409, 609, 626 or 690, get off at Huguo Temple and walk for 218 meters to the hotel.