Religious Culture




China is a free country for religions, and fully respects every one of them. The religions in Beijing include: Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Christianity. The si (temples/mosques), miao (temples), guan (Taoism’s temples), and Tang (churches) in Beijing are the religious activity sites for different religions and religious believers. Amongst them, the most famous ones are: Catholic East Church, Catholic South Church, Gangwashi Christian Church, Chongwenmen Christian Church, Ox Street Mosque, Dongsi Mosque, Guangji Temple, Guanghua Temple, White Cloud Temple, Yonghegong Lama Temple and so on.

Buddhism: Tanzhe Temple (the most ancient temple in Beijing, built over 800 years ago), Yunju Temple, Jietai Temple, Fayuan Temple, Baoguo Temple and etc.

Taoism: White Cloud Temple (Qianzhen Taoism), Dongyue Temple (Zhengyi Taoism)

Tibetan Buddhism (Lama Buddhism): Yonghegong Lama Temple

Islam: Ox Street Worship Temple, Dongzhimenwai Mosque, Dongsi Mosque

Catholicism: Xishiku Catholic Church, Xuanwumen Catholic Church, Wangfujing Catholic Church, Xizhimen Catholic Church, Dongjiaominxiang Catholic Church

Christianity: Chongwenmen Church, Wagangshi Church, Kuanjie Church, Haidian Church

Orthodox: Church of St. Nicholas (relics)