Lama Temple

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    All Year Round
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    1 Day
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    25RMB 25RMB
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    From November 1st to March 31st : 09:00-16:30
    From April 1st to October 31st: 09:00-17:00


Lama Temple

The Temple is located in the northeast corner of urban Beijing, where the emperor Kangxi built a mansion in the 33rd year of the Qing Dynasty (1694) and gave it to his fourth son, Prince Yong, hence the title: “Prince Yong's Palace”. In the third year of Yongzheng (1725), the palace was changed into a temporary imperial residence, called Lama Temple.

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Yongdingmen Gate

Located at the southernmost end of the central axis of Beijing, it is often said that there are "nine inside and seven outside and four imperial cities " with Yongdingmen being one of the " seven outside ".

Zhengyangmen Gate and Watchtower

Beijing Zhengyangmen Gate, formerly known as Lizhengmen Gate, commonly known as Qianmen Gate, is located on the central axis of Beijing. It is connected to the Zhengyangmen Gate Watchtower in front and Chairman Mao Zedong Memorial Hall and Tiananmen Square in the back. Zhengyangmen Gate is one of the landmark buildings in Beijing and reflects the style and history of the ancient capital.

Xiannong Altar

The Xiannong Altar was built in the eighteenth year of Yongle of Ming Dynasty (1420), formerly known as the "Shanchuan Altar (Mountain and River Altar)"; the general layout of which was formed during the Jiajing period in Ming Dynasty.

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What's inside Lama Temple

Archway Courtyard - Zhaotai Gate
In the southernmost courtyard of the Yonghe Temple, a huge spirit screen can be seen, and opposite the screen is a three-room, four-pillared, and nine-story multicolored archway. After passing the archway, there is a special road for the emperors’ and empresses’ carriages. To the north is the Zhaotai Gate, the gate of Yonghe Temple, and on both sides of the gate are the Bell and Drum Towers.

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