Jiuhua Resort Hot Spring

Jiuhua Resort Hot Spring is located in the famous hot spring town of Xiaotangshan. It has been known as the "golden soup pot" since ancient times.

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    1 Day
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    98RMB/Person 98RMB/Person
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    September 25th - September 28th: 08:30-21:00
    September 29th - October 6th: 08:30-22:00
    October 7th - December 31st: 08:30-21:00


Jiuhua Resort Hot Spring

Jiuhua Resort Hot Spring is located in the famous hot spring town of Xiaotangshan. It has been known as the "golden water" since ancient times. It integrates hot springs, medicinal baths, swimming, sauna, massage, dining, entertainment and other projects into one, making it a one-stop hot spring resort experience park. The "Jiuhua 18 Hutongs Private Hot Spring" is a unique feature of old Beijing. It is a courtyard-style private hot spring built on the basis of a Beijing quadrangle.

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From Gulou Street to Nanluogu Alley, from Shijin Garden to the depths of Baihua, there are a total of 18 rooms, ingeniously restoring the cultural heritage of old Beijing's hutongs and quadrangles, and incorporating private hot spring products, making it even more leisurely and comfortable.

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Address : No.75 Shunsha Road, Changping District, Beijing

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