Wenfeng Tower

There are not many existing Wenfeng Towers in China, and Wenfeng Tower in Pinggu District is one of the best-preserved ones in the Beijing area, with important cultural and research value.

Historical Building


Wenfeng Tower

As a symbolic and ornamental building, Wenfeng Tower has long been separated from the purpose of building Buddhist pagodas. The construction time of Wenfeng Tower in Pinggu District is unknown. It was rebuilt in the 24th year of the Daoguang reign of the Qing Dynasty (1844). There were speculations that Wenfeng Tower was built in the Liao Dynasty in the past, but according to its shape, function, and tower inscription, this tower should not be built earlier than the Ming Dynasty.

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Address : Donggao Village, Donggao Town, Pinggu District, Beijing

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