HuiFeng Tang

  • Type:

    Accommodation & Catering
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  • Per Capita Consumption:

    137 RMB 137 RMB
  • Business hours:

    10:30 - 22:30


HuiFeng Tang

HuiFeng Tang’s braised dishes and sautéed dishes boast a century-old fame. Thanks to its unique cooking methods and years of careful maintenance, those dishes have preserved their original taste with uncompromised quality to this day. All the restaurant’s specialties, including braised sea cucumber with scallion, braised intestines in brown sauce, fried meatballs, braised pig feet dices and cuttlefish roe soup, epitomize the quintessence of Shandong cuisine.

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Address : No. 33, Fuxing Road, Haidian District, Beijing

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