Dajingmen, an important pass of the Ming Great Wall, built in 1644 AD, it is 12m high and 13m long at the bottom. Known as one of the four major passes, it is the only one named "Men".

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Dajingmen was first built in the first year of the Shunzhi reign of the Qing Dynasty, which is in the year 1644 AD. The wall is 12 meters high, 13 meters long at the bottom, and 9 meters wide. The top platform is 12 meters long and 7.5 meters wide. There are battlements 1.7 meters high on the outside and parapets 0.8 meters high on the inside. At the lintel, there are four characters "Da Hao He Shan" handwritten by the ruler of the former province of Chahar (now Inner Mongolia) in 1927.

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