Rongguo Mansion

Rongguo Mansion was built for the TV drama "Dream of the Red Chamber". It has 120 rooms and 51 characteristic shops. The Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall explores the origins of the novel and its influence in China and the world.

Scenic Level : AAAA
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Rongguo Mansion

The Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall is located in the southeast corner of the mansion, covering an area of 960 square meters with 23 rooms. Through the use of exhibits, pictures, artworks, and other display methods, it depicts the historical process of the rise and fall of the Cao family and explores the deep-rooted origins of "Dream of the Red Chamber". It fully showcases the profound influence of "Dream of the Red Chamber" in China and the world.

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Address : No.51 Xingrong Road, Zhengding County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

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