Aiqiushanju B&B(爱丘山居)

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Aiqiushanju B&B(爱丘山居)

Aiqiushanju B&B is an idyllic living inn located at the foot of the main peak of Wuling Mountain in Yanshan Mountain.
Aiqishanju B&B is transformed from three old rural courtyards in the 1950s. At present, there are three courtyards, an independent log cabin and a two-story civil barn, with a total of 9 guest rooms.
Surrounding scenic areas: Simatai Great Wall, Wuling West Peak, Gubeikou Great Wall, and so on.

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Old Friendship Season Boutique B&B is located in the Jinpo Village, one kilometer from the Miyun Reservoir. Surrounded by hills, the village is rich in millet and peaches. The road around the village is lined with greenery, and there is a farming experience area and a children's playground for visitors.

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Do You Know
Simatai Great Wall

Next to the B&B is Simatai Great Wall which is located in Gubeikou Town in the northeast of Miyun District, Beijing, starting from Wangjinglou in the east and ending at Houchuankou in the west. The whole section of the Great Wall is 5.4 kilometers long, with 35 enemy towers.

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Address : No. 5, East Hetao, Huayuan Village, Xinchengzi Town, Miyun District, Beijing

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