Yunshang Shiwu B&B (云上石屋)

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Yunshang Shiwu B&B (云上石屋)

Located on the mountain, most of the rooms are stone houses suitable for children to play and the elderly to rest.Up the stone steps, most of the courtyards on the higher ground are one-bedroom houses with open terraces, which stands halfway up the mountain. In the courtyard, you can drink tea and chat while enjoying in the mountain scenery.

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Aiqiushanju B&B(爱丘山居)

Aiqiushanju B&B is an idyllic living inn located at the foot of the main peak of Wuling Mountain in Yanshan Mountain.
Aiqishanju B&B is transformed from three old rural courtyards in the 1950s. At present, there are three courtyards, an independent log cabin and a two-story civil barn, with a total of 9 guest rooms.

Baihe Riverside Resort (白河岸边度假村)

Backed by the Yunmeng Mountains, Beijing Baihe Riverside Resort is close to the Qingliang Valley Scenic Area, facing the Baihe Gorge. Here, the mountains and the meandering Baihe River are in full view, and the scenery is breathtaking. This is why the resort got its name.

Shan Jin Su(山今宿)

The owner of the B&B is Yang Guang, a post-80s designer. He has fused the traditional northern residential houses with modern style. An old residential house is like a poem. Shan Jin Su has preserved the old wooden beams and pillars, the white walls and gray tiles and the creasing.

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Pofeng Ridge Scenic Area

Open the window, you can see the autumn colours of the distant mountains. There is a mix of willows, walnuts, and sumacs at the foot of the mountain. The higher you go, the closer you get to the forest of sumac red-leaves. 

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Address : Pofeng Ridge Scenic Area, Fangshan District

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