Yunmeng Lushe (雲蒙麗舍)

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Yunmeng Lushe (雲蒙麗舍)

The main building of the two-floor building is decorated in a new Chinese style, with a fresh and elegant look.
The owner is good at cooking, especially the cuisines made from the fish of Miyun Reservoir. Come and stay here for the weekend, try the delicious fish, enjoy the colourful Yunmeng Mountain and feel the beauty of autumn.

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Aiqiushanju B&B(爱丘山居)

Aiqiushanju B&B is an idyllic living inn located at the foot of the main peak of Wuling Mountain in Yanshan Mountain.
Aiqishanju B&B is transformed from three old rural courtyards in the 1950s. At present, there are three courtyards, an independent log cabin and a two-story civil barn, with a total of 9 guest rooms.

Yunshang Shiwu B&B (云上石屋)

Located on the mountain, most of the rooms are stone houses suitable for children to play and the elderly to rest.Up the stone steps, most of the courtyards on the higher ground are one-bedroom houses with open terraces, which stands halfway up the mountain. In the courtyard, you can drink tea and chat while enjoying in the mountain scenery.

Yunfeng Mountain Fairy Tale Tree House (云峰山童话树屋)

Its 21 detached tree houses are built with the theme of familiar fairy tales. Using a wild luxury design style, these tree houses hidden in the forest are built with modern comfort and luxury facilities combined with natural scenery.

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The autumn scenery

In autumn, the sky is high, the clouds are light, the leaves are falling, and the forest is full of colours. Seen from the top of the hill, the scenery is like a overturned palette of colours.

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Address : No. 8 Reservoir West Road, Miyun District

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