Beijing Yinbei Yeshe B&B( 北京隐北•野奢度假民宿)

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Beijing Yinbei Yeshe B&B( 北京隐北•野奢度假民宿)

With the theme of cultural tourism and leisure vacation, Beijing Yinbei Yeshe B&B has 24 distinctive rooms that are designed based on regional specialties. With a staggered arrangement of buildings, each guest room has a unique landscape view. In addition, the hotel is also equipped with parking lots, restaurants, outdoor terrace dining areas, bars, gymnasiums, swimming pools, conference rooms, reading bars, and other leisure and entertainment venues.

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Longyuanli Hostel

Shangmo Village is known as "the No.1 Village at the Origin of Guishui River". Longyuanli Hostel is located on the north bank of the Huanglong Pool, the source of the Guishui River. Backed by Jiulong Mountain, the hostel includes a group of fancy inn clusters with complete privacy. Now 8 sets of courtyards have been developed.

Beijing Cuanshe B&B

Cuanshe B&B is a characteristic quadrangle courtyard in the mountain that has been renovated and furnished on the basis of its original appearance. The ancient courtyard of the late Ming Dynasty has a unique layout, as it is backed by a mountain and has a mountain in front as a barrier.

Beijing Brickyard Retreat

Beijing Brickyard Retreat is rebuilt from a glazed tile factory and it retains the original appearance of the factory and firing traces as much as possible. Except for the original several old caves that have been completely retained, the integration of brick elements and modern art can be seen everywhere in the hotel. The name of the hotel also continues its historical tradition.

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Enjoy Country Holiday

The hotel provides a space for people living in the city to feel nature and relax their minds. You can find who you really are here by forgetting the hustle and bustle of the world and feeling the tranquility of the countryside.

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Address : Xidamo Village, Mentougou District, Beijing

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